Welcome to Totnes TruthJuice

TruthJuice Totnes is based at The Barrel House Cafe on The High Street and runs on the 1st Wednesday of the month. Hosted by Dr. Stephen Hopwood, these events aim to support the rising awareness of a new paradigm in understanding. We concentrate on the truth behind the lies and the solution behond the problem.  We’re REALLY here to waken people up, so we’d appreciate it if you could make a special effort to bring a friend or two. Many people now know that something serious is wrong with the world but can’t piece it all together and have simply retreated into their houses and hardly go out. Do them a favour, have a chat with them and bring them along. Where else can you get a great night out amongst like minded knowledgeable people, get great information & also be entertained for a donation. You really could change their life for the better. We’re all in this together, so please do make the effort, you know it’s worthwhile as we need to continue to waken up more and more people all the time.

John Harris in Totnes on 03/04/13

A new talk by John – ‘So what do you want to know?’ John has decided that it is about time he cleared up a few issues regarding subjects tpuc and he have covered over the last few years (please scroll down for a list of filmed talks to view) – some being the ‘freeman’ …

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Dave Starbuck in Totnes on 07/11/12

OPEN PUBLIC MEETING TOTNES TRUTH JUICE PRESENTS… “Money, Corporations, Slavery, Solutions and Freedom !!” An empowering presentation by Dave Starbuck What is money? Where does it come from? & if every country is in debt where did all the money go? Who is a Freeman on the Land? What is lawful rebellion? & What is …

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