Anthony aka Computathugz on Anonymous: The Hacking Group in Totnes on 10/05/11

Anonymous Protests

Anonymous @ #OP Wall Street

Dear Everyone,

Sorry for the very late advertising of this event but Ian Moore had to postpone til next month, but I hope you can attend this more activist based evening, many thanks…

Truth Juice Totnes presents…
“ We are Anonymous…!! – We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

Anthony AKA Computathugz, A Ethical Hacker from Suck-o, will speak and enlighten us on means and mechanisms that this now infamous hacking group are now applying, with awesome effect, to undermine some of the biggest and nastiest corporations on the planet. A 45 minute documentary will be shown explaining the anonymous revolutionary process.
We are anonymous are also holding a V for Vendetta- style protest around the houses of parliament on Saturday November 5th 2011. All welcome !!
“The plan is to fight for Freedom of Speech, government transparency and to promote personal growth. To achieve this, Anonymous uses a team effort to utilize our weapons of viral education, valid facts and resources, and encouraging unity and tolerance. Together, we will accomplish a far more sustainable society built around growing an informed knowledge network and living under a
new, limited, transparent government system. www.whatis-theplan.org
Call Steve on 07779 870415 www.truthjuice-totnes.co.uk www.paradigmshift.tv www.bbc5.tv

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