Darren Deojee | Beyond the ‘Freeman in Totnes on 01/02/12


Totnes Truth Juice Presents…

“Beyond the ‘Freeman’ – to Sovereignty … and what that really means !!”

A Presentation by Darren Deojee

The Freeman ideologies have taken the country by storm, but how is it panning out for those who have been working, researching and using these tools in the real world over the last few years? In this talk, Darren shares his perspective on the freeman movement and how it led him to the understanding of the‘Master’ Title and the formation of the People’s Public Trust. Master Deojee shows how it’s not about what method you use, but how you do it and how you feel…!!

Darren is in touch with many of the seasoned and senior practitioners in the ‘freeman movement’ and will be sharing stories of his experiences to help us navigate the murky waters of commerce! Including how to deal with Council tax, Police and parking tickets/fines etc …

This is not an ‘us and them’ talk – it’s about using freeman tools in a healthy ‘us-us’ approach which helps unlock our natural empowerment and awaken our innate sense of our natural sovereignty.  Darren believes the sovereign movement is an essential part of social and personal healing, when applied properly and is a real foundation for communication and understanding.



There will be free newspapers and flyers, a DVD shop and a licensed bar. The evening offers time for questions and answers, open discussion and public debate.  The event will be filmed for Sky TV by paradigmshift.tv (Sky CH 201/203)

www.totnes.truthjuice.co.uk   www.peoplespublictrust.com   www.paradigmshift.tv

For further information please call Steve on 07779 870 415 or e mail steve@paradigmshift.tv

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