Colin Power | Free Energy and The Criminal Suppression of Liberating Technology in Totnes on 07/03/12


Totnes Truth Juice Presents…

“Free Energy and the criminal suppression of liberating technology.”

A Presentation by Prof. Colin Power

Prof. Colin Power is the intrepid roaming video reporter/presenter from Sky Channel 201/203 paradigmshift.tv who will present tonight interview exerts with the countries top ‘Free Energy’ scientists and innovators. He will show how water can by electrolysed into Hydrogen and Oxygen to run our cars, he will discuss the production of energy using high powered magnets and explain the existence of Zero Point Energy and how it can be taped and utilised.

He will also detail the historical perspective on global ‘Free Energy’ technology from Henry Ford running a car across America built from Hemp and running on Hemp Oil, to ‘Free Energy’ devises by the ‘Storn foundation’ in Ireland who have built a “’Free Energy’ device that could power our homes and more…

Colin will also discuss how for decades there has been a complete corporate monopoly which has been controlling our energy production, supply and distribution and who has made us completely dependent on their extortion. He will also show how the suppression of ‘Free Energy’ technology has been relentless by the corporate power elite and mainstream media and endorsed by our Governments. All now though is beginning to be revealed as major car manufactures cannot resist the new markets these technologies are opening up and the truth is coming out.


WEDNESDAY – 7th March – 7.30PM

There will be free newspapers and flyers, a DVD shop and a licensed bar. The evening offers time for questions and answers, open discussion and public debate.  The event will be filmed for Sky TV by paradigmshift.tv (Sky CH 201/203)

www.truthjuice-totnes.co.uk   www.paradigmshift.tv   www.bbc5.tv

For further information please call Steve on 07779 870 415 or e mail steve@paradigmshift.tv

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