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The Totnes 911 Truth Festival in Totnes on 11/09/11

OPEN  PUBLIC  MEETING  THE TOTNES 911 TRUTH FESTIVAL Speakers Include… 5pm  -­‐  Jon  Whitterick   From    www.getoutofdebtfree.org  .  Jon  will  discuss  the  gross  deception  in  our  banking  industry  that  allows  private  banks  to  issue  our  currency  as  a  debt  and  at  interest. 6pm  -­‐  Barbara  Wren     Consultant  Nutritionalist.  Barbara  will  speak  about  the …

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7/7 Bombings Revisited

On the eve of the 6th anniversay of the bombings which left 53 dead, Dr Stephen Hopwood will explore the gaping casm’s the governments official narrative. The presence of a govenment run emergency services exersize was revealed by Peter Powel as having exactly the same scenario as exactly what transpired. Glaring substantial evidence of another …

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